Under the leadership of Ken Howard, FaithX embarked on a transformative journey driven by a clear vision and a commitment to innovation.

Supported by a grant from Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church in NYC, FaithX empowered congregations to actively engage with and support their communities. This initiative included the establishment of faith-based community resource centers to foster connections and bridge societal gaps.

To enhance their digital footprint, FaithX came to Worship Times to revamp their website, featuring dynamic content such as story maps and curated blog posts on pressing issues like structural racism. They aimed to improve visibility, accessibility, and engagement online.
Despite challenges stemming from organic growth, FaithX streamlined operations and integrated technology solutions. This included optimizing their online store, enhancing CRM capabilities, and implementing seamless payment portals.

FaithX recently turned to us for Remote Assistance. In this partnership, we assist them in updating their website, creating new pages, and refining existing ones to better serve their congregation.

“Our role involves ensuring their website remains dynamic and informative,” explained our team member, emphasizing the ongoing updates and menu enhancements we implement.

Additionally, we collaborate closely with FaithX on their digital outreach efforts. Weekly blogs, crafted from their provided content, are disseminated through our email marketing platform to engage their audience effectively.

“We handle the distribution of their weekly blogs and coordinate special email blasts as needed,” our team member elaborated, underscoring our role in amplifying FaithX’s messaging.

Furthermore, our collaboration extends to digital marketing initiatives. Currently, we’re partnering with FaithX on a weekly basis to develop digital ads promoting their diverse array of services and products.

“Our aim is to expand their digital footprint while maintaining a cohesive brand presence,” our team member noted, highlighting our efforts in enhancing FaithX’s visibility online.

As FaithX continues to navigate these digital waters with our support, their commitment to fostering community engagement and outreach remains steadfast. This ongoing collaboration signifies a dynamic synergy aimed at propelling FaithX towards new heights in their digital endeavors.

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