Post Creation

Post Creation is a feature that allows you to create posts on your Worship Times website directly from form submissions. This functionality is useful for various purposes, such as user-generated content, blogging, job listings, event submissions, newsletter and announcement submissions, and more.

Here’s how it works:

  • Form Setup: Create a form with fields that correspond to the content you want to collect for your posts. For example, if you’re creating a job listing form, you might include fields for job title, description, location, company name, etc.
  • Post Fields: Provides special fields specifically for post creation, such as Post Title, Post Body, Post Excerpt, Post Tags, and Post Category. These fields allow users to input the content that will be used to create the post.
  • Post Type: You can choose the post type (e.g., Post, Page, or other) that you want to create from the form submissions. This flexibility allows you to use Post Creation for a wide range of content creation purposes.
  • Post Status: Specify the status of the created posts, such as Published, Draft, Pending Review, or Private. This allows you to moderate submissions before they are published or control the publishing workflow according to your needs.
  • Post Meta Data: Allows you to capture additional metadata for the posts, such as custom fields or taxonomies. This can be useful for organizing and categorizing the content created through the form submissions.
  • Conditional Logic: You can use conditional logic to dynamically control the content of the created posts based on user input. For example, you can show/hide certain fields or set default values based on specific conditions.
  • Notifications and Confirmations: Configure notifications and confirmations to notify users when their submissions are received and inform them about the status of their posts (e.g., pending review, published). This helps maintain transparency and keeps users informed throughout the process.

With Worship Times, let your staff and volunteers submit their content for the site, edit, approve, and publish, giving you more time for the ministry tasks that need attention.

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