The Presbyterian Youth Workers Association (PYWA) came to Worship Times for an upgrade to their website and membership system. They upgraded its website to better serve church-affiliated youth workers and volunteers. Here’s what they needed:

  • Membership Management: They replaced auto-renewal with invoice reminders and started accepting check registrations.
  • Member Engagement: Automated emails provided members with access to discounts and exclusive content, alongside automated donation acknowledgments.
  • Membership Structure: They focused on church affiliation rather than individual memberships, creating detailed member profiles with contact info and preferences.
  • Event Registration: They streamlined membership categories and offered discounts for joining during key events.
  • Communication Tools: They used a simplified newsletter format and integrated a Mailchimp template for easy updates. They included a Prayer Board and potentially a shared Job Board.
  • Resource Accessibility: They centralized links to resources like quick sheets and databases.
  • Administrative Tools: They enabled nomination forms and PDF generation for board positions and volunteer applications. They provided easy payment options on the front page.
  • Member-specific Features: They included a members-only section with directories and exclusive content. They offered different administrative access levels.
  • Content Management: They ensured easy editing for adding and updating content, events, and visuals.

These improvements aimed to enhance member engagement, streamline operations, and foster community collaboration for PYWA.

After the website launch, Worship Times moved into a role of Remote Assistant. Our role with PYWA currently centers around several key responsibilities. We handle email blasts, create graphics, update the website, manage the job board, and oversee social media activities.

On social media, we maintain a consistent schedule, posting twice a week. Our posts include curated content provided by PYWA as well as newly created or discovered content that resonates with the PYWA community. This content varies from informative articles and uplifting prayers to engaging games. We also design graphics to complement and enhance the posts as needed.

For the PYWA website, we ensure regular updates and manage the job board. Submissions for job postings are directed to us, and we promptly add them to the website. Upon notification of a filled position, we promptly remove the job listing. Currently, we are in the final stages of a website refresh project, which will be launched soon.

Additionally, we orchestrate monthly email blasts throughout the school year to promote PYWA’s virtual events. This involves creating and designing the email content, crafting graphics, and scheduling the email dispatch.

Our ongoing efforts support PYWA by maintaining active communication channels, keeping the website current, managing job opportunities, and promoting community engagement through social media.

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