Salem First Church, a venerable institution with a 150-year history in downtown Salem, has long been a cornerstone of the community. Known for its progressive stance and unwavering commitment to serving others, this church has carved out a significant role beyond its spiritual duties.

One of the standout features of Salem First Church is its utilization as a warming center during inclement weather, providing crucial shelter to those in need. Integral to this effort is their partnership with Family Promise, an organization dedicated to supporting homeless families.

Within the downtown area, Salem First Church is one of several churches including UCC and UMC, all contributing to the community fabric through various outreach programs and services.

Their website, a testament to their inclusive ethos, serves as a hub for both congregation members and the broader community. Designed with a unique and user-friendly interface, it features essential sections like Flock Notes for communication, Ministry Forms for engagement, and worship live stream on platforms for virtual participation.

The website also hosts a comprehensive calendar detailing events and services, inviting all to participate in their rich history and varied activities. Salem First Church prides itself on being accessible and open, emphasizing connections through sections like “Get Connected” and opportunities for missions and service.

For newcomers, the “1st Time” section offers a welcoming introduction, while the “Contact/Get Help” ensures immediate support. Adult Education and Youth Group sections cater to diverse age groups, nurturing spiritual growth and community bonds.

Services at Salem First Church are a cornerstone of their mission. Embracing social media, Salem First Church leverages platforms to amplify their message of compassion and community involvement.

Salem First Church’s website reflects not just their values but their active engagement in bettering the lives of those around them. As they continue to evolve and adapt, their commitment to serving others remains steadfast, making them a beacon of hope and inclusivity in downtown Salem and beyond.

We have continued our work with Salem, serving as a virtual assistant. Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to, attending staff meetings, website updates, newsletter production, and social media planning and implementation.

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