Notifications and Confirmations

Notifications and Confirmations are essential features of the Gravity Forms program, designed to streamline communication with users who submit forms on your Worship Times website.

We are often asked what is the difference between a notification and confirmation. Here’s an overview of each:


  • Notifications are automated emails sent to website administrators or designated recipients whenever a form submission is received.
  • These emails typically contain details of the form submission, such as the submitted data and any additional information you choose to include.
  • Allows you to customize notification emails extensively, including specifying recipients, setting email subjects, and formatting the email content using HTML and merge tags.
  • You can create multiple notification emails for each form and customize them based on different conditions or user responses using conditional logic.
  • Notification emails are crucial for keeping administrators informed about new form submissions in real-time, enabling prompt responses and actions.


  • Confirmations are messages displayed to users after they submit a form, confirming that their submission has been successfully received.
  • Offers various types of confirmations, including message, redirect, and page-based confirmations.
  • Message confirmations display a customizable message directly on the form submission page, providing instant feedback to users.
  • Redirect confirmations redirect users to a specified URL after form submission, such as a thank-you page or a custom confirmation page.
  • Page-based confirmations allow you to embed the form within a page, and the confirmation message is displayed on the same page after submission.
  • Like notifications, confirmations can be customized extensively, allowing you to tailor the confirmation message or redirect URL based on user actions or form responses.

You can enhance user experience, streamline communication, and ensure prompt follow-up actions for form submissions on your Worship Times website.

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