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Gravity Wiz is not a standalone product, but rather tools created by Gravity Forms enthusiasts who develop and distribute various add-ons, enhancements, and resources for Gravity Forms users. These resources are designed to extend the functionality and enhance its capabilities, providing users with additional features and customization options.

Some key offerings of Gravity Wiz include:

  • Gravity Perks: This is a suite of add-ons developed by Gravity Wiz that provides additional features and enhancements for Gravity Forms. Each perk focuses on a specific aspect of form building and offers unique functionalities, such as conditional logic enhancements, field manipulation, pricing calculations, and more.
  • Snippets and Tutorials: Gravity Wiz offers a repository of code snippets and tutorials aimed at helping Gravity Forms users customize and enhance their forms further. These resources cover a wide range of topics, from simple tweaks and modifications to advanced customization techniques.
  • Gravity Perks License: This is available on your Worship Times site.

A few of the perks offered include:

  • Conditional Logic Dates: Allows you to dynamically populate and set dates based on conditional logic.
  • Limit Choices: This perk allows you to limit the number of choices users can select in multi-choice fields (such as checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down menus).
  • Limit Submissions: With this perk, you can restrict the number of form submissions a user can make within a specified time period. This is useful for creating limited-entry forms, such as contests, surveys, or event registrations, where you want to cap the number of submissions.
  • Limit Dates: This perk allows you to restrict date selections within date fields. You can set minimum and maximum dates, as well as conditional date limits based on other field values. This is useful for creating date-sensitive forms, such as event registrations or appointment bookings.
  • Limit Checkboxes: This perk extends the functionality of GP Limit Choices specifically for checkbox fields. It allows you to set limits on the number of checkboxes a user can select, similar to GP Limit Choices, but tailored specifically for checkboxes.
  • Copy Cat: Facilitates copying form field values from one field to another, allowing for easier data entry and form completion.
  • Date Time Calculator: Provides advanced date and time calculation capabilities, allowing you to perform calculations based on date and time fields.
  • Limit Dates: Allows you to limit date selections based on predefined criteria, such as ranges, weekdays, or specific dates.
  • Live Preview: Provides a live preview feature for your forms, allowing users to see how their form entries will look before submitting the form.
  • Multi-page Navigation: Enhances the navigation experience for multi-page forms by adding progress bars, pagination, and other navigation controls.
  • Post Content Merge Tags: Allows you to dynamically populate forms fields with content from posts or pages using merge tags.
  • Read Only: Allows you to set forms fields as read-only, preventing users from editing certain fields while still displaying the information.
  • Unique ID: Automatically generates unique IDs for forms entries, making it easier to track and reference form submissions.
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