Since forging a partnership in 2014, our collaboration with Foothills Presbytery has been marked by a shared commitment to enhancing their digital footprint. The latest chapter in this ongoing partnership unfolded in 2021, when Foothills embarked on a transformative journey to revamp their online presence with a new, updated website.

Foothills Presbytery envisioned a website that not only reflected their values and mission but also provided a streamlined experience for their members and visitors alike. Central to their vision was a clean and fresh design that prioritized clarity and ease of navigation, focusing prominently on showcasing their events, resources, and Presbytery meetings.

One of the primary challenges Foothills faced was the need for a comprehensive map of their congregations that was both searchable and user-friendly. Addressing this requirement, our development team implemented a robust solution—a searchable database coupled with an interactive map and a directory of churches. This implementation ensured that users could easily locate and access information about congregations within the Presbytery.

Additionally, Foothills sought an efficient system for organizing their extensive array of documents across various committees, teams, and resources. Our specialized tool, the publications tool, proved instrumental in meeting this need. This tool facilitates seamless categorization and updating of documents and web pages, empowering Foothills to maintain a well-organized and up-to-date online repository of resources.

Recognizing the importance of smooth event management, Foothills required a streamlined internal system for handling forms and registrations. Many of their Presbytery events and meetings necessitated registration forms with online payment capabilities. Addressing this requirement, our team devised a user-friendly solution that integrates seamlessly with the website, enabling efficient registration processes and online payments for attendees.

Moreover, our collaboration extends beyond mere website development. Under our remote assistant agreement with Foothills, we actively support their ongoing digital presence. This includes updating their bimonthly newsletters on the website, adding blog posts, managing calendar events, creating registrations for events, and providing ongoing assistance to update and maintain website pages as needed. This proactive approach ensures that Foothills Presbytery remains engaged and connected with its members through timely and relevant online content.

The successful overhaul of Foothills Presbytery’s website stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. By aligning our technological expertise with Foothills’ strategic vision, we have not only modernized their online platform but also enhanced their ability to effectively serve their community and fulfill their mission.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to supporting Foothills Presbytery in leveraging digital solutions to further their outreach and engagement efforts. Together, we continue to explore new possibilities and opportunities to strengthen their online presence and empower their mission in the years to come.

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