At the start of the website project for Hillwood Presbyterian Church, the pastor and staff aimed for an easy-to-update and user-friendly platform reflecting their community life. Their focus on “Connect, Renew, Serve” shaped the design around events, announcements, and opportunities to serve locally. Highlighting partnerships with nearby organizations was crucial, emphasizing community involvement.

Creating a unified brand across their website and social media involved designing a new logo and using a nature-themed color scheme. Clear communication and effective messaging were prioritized, ensuring visitors could easily navigate and engage with forms for registrations, donations, and more. We created a cohesive logo that communicated their mission and was visually appealing.

The site prominently features ongoing events and service opportunities, underscoring Hillwood’s active role in the community. Additionally, support extended to their preschool site, Hillwood Playcare, enhancing their overall digital presence.

Utilizing blog posts and various categories, Hillwood shares comprehensive updates on their activities. Integrated forms facilitate diverse needs such as registrations, waivers, and pledges, reflecting their multifaceted community engagement. Initially under a support contract, Hillwood transitioned to an as-needed arrangement, maintaining regular collaboration. Ongoing support includes page creation, detailed instructions (including video tutorials), and strategic guidance for optimal website functionality.

Through these efforts, Hillwood Presbyterian Church continues to strengthen its online presence, fostering community connection and support. We have a virtual assistance agreement and continue to support Hillwood on a weekly basis.

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