Faith Presbyterian Church embarked on a journey to enhance their website, aiming to create a user-friendly experience with essential features like online donations, event registration, and mobile optimization. They sought a clean design that emphasizes images over text, promoting easy navigation and fresh, inspiring content.

They wanted a site that was easy to navigate and update. They envisioned a platform that accurately reflects their diverse congregation, welcoming all with imagery and colors that convey warmth and inclusivity.

“We’re more about resurrection than crucifixion,” they explained, “and value diversity without overselling it.” This approach aimed to attract those who might feel overlooked by traditional churches.

Partnering with Worship Times, Faith Presbyterian Church values their Remote Assistant for comprehensive communication tasks. From website updates to weekly newsletters and online event setups, they collaborate closely with church leadership, ensuring efficient communication and innovative ideas.

Our role extends beyond mere support. We’re integral to their communications strategy, crafting content and managing digital campaigns. This partnership underscores their commitment to engaging their community effectively through modern digital platforms.

One of our most important responsibilities with Faith is collaborating on their weekly announcements email. We receive content from various sources, create content which includes graphics and copywriting, and create and distribute through a third-party marketing platform. Additions and edits are made throughout the week as needed and in collaboration with the Pastor and the Director of Administration.

In our partnership with Faith, we have created and implemented both digital ad campaigns and social media campaigns, and they have utilized our graphic design team multiple times. We keep their website updated, and create or refresh pages as needed.

As they move forward, Faith Presbyterian Church looks to their website as more than just a tool—it’s a reflection of their mission to inspire, inform, and welcome all who seek their community of faith.

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