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Sometimes a church, organization, or governing body needs a way to protect content and allow access to a specific group of people, which could include: church leadership or board members; members in a congregation; pastors, elders, and/or deacons; or subscribers to regularly released content.

There are important things to consider in discerning whether or not a membership system is right for you:

  • Do you have someone who can manage members? Any membership system requires ongoing maintenance – make sure you have someone who can administer the system on a regular basis by supporting members when they have questions and protecting content as needed.
  • Do you have enough content needing protection to justify the time needed to manage a membership system? A full-blown membership system might not be the best solution if you have one document, like a directory, that needs protecting. In contrast, if you have lots of documents and/or pages of content, a membership system might be necessary.
  • Is there a paywall? Will those accessing content need to pay a one-time or recurring fee? If members will be paying money to access content, then you’ll need a way both to collect that payment and to integrate payments with who can access what and when.
  • Would you like members to have their own login in order to access content? Membership systems in WordPress create users, each with their own accounts, passwords, etc. This is critical for security.

With Worship Times, you can use one of our membership solutions to manage members, create and protect content, and collect payments as needed, all from your website. We offer a simple in-content shortcode tool as well as content-specific protection tools so that page-based content can be seen only by logged-in subscribers, a user role built into WordPress. If you’re needing to protect multiple files and/or pages of content, MemberPress offers lifetime or recurring memberships, free or paid, and can provide multiple levels of protection of content and/or files when used in conjunction with MP Downloads. This is an especially good solution if you’re working with groups of files/pages (i.e. categories) and/or groups of individuals, giving certain access to some, and other access to others. However, if your use-case is more akin to a digital download, where someone might pay to access a document or multiple documents, or you’re needing to integrate with an online store, then WooCommerce and WooCommerce Memberships might fit your needs better.

Regardless of your needs, Worship Times can work with you on the best solution for your organization.

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