The Episcopal Church came to Worship Times with a need. Each congregation in the Episcopal denomination submitted reports each year denoting how many people attended each worship service, were served communion, and attended special events.

These statistics were written in a book and then turned in to the denominational offices at the end of the year and calculated, manually.

Worship Times was tasked with digitizing and streamlining this process. This 100% custom project was launched with each congregation receiving their own account. They are now able to log in, register the numbers, and the calculations are done for them, removing the need for keeping handwritten ledger records for each instance they are required to report. They are able monitor, edit, and keep track of statistics, trends, and pull reports.they are also able to record the service type, location, language, if the service or event is in-person, hybrid or online, who was involved in the service, and number of participants.

From there they can pull reports, customize reports, and utilize pre-filled or common reports needed for any use case.

Future development will include a diocese and bishop portal to login and view the congregations in their diocese, as well as other enhancements to help keep track of daily statistics.

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I have worked with Worship Times on a variety of projects over the course of nearly ten years. I have always found their work to be of the highest quality. They are responsive, detail oriented, and always meet deadlines. The team is full of wonderful people who care deeply about their work. It is a joy to work with them.
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Deputy Executive Officer of the General Convention
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