Working closely with TLPCA, a non-profit organization dedicated to professional counseling, has been both rewarding and challenging. Our ongoing support contract focused on maintaining their website, providing member account support, and ensuring seamless integration with external platforms like, Mailchimp, and Vimeo. These integrations were crucial as TLPCA’s website served diverse functionalities beyond standard use-cases, such as facilitating events and doubling as both a member forum and job listing platform.

The website overhaul initiative aimed to enhance user experience and functionality. A primary goal was to achieve a fresh, simple, effective, and clear look while eliminating redundancy in navigation pathways. This included prominently featuring the “member log in” on the homepage for streamlined access and introducing a prominent “Find a Therapist” button with refined search criteria.

The About page underwent significant restructuring to better showcase essential information. This involved integrating sections like About Us, Past Officers, and Founding Members after existing content. A detailed organizational chart was also included to provide clarity on leadership roles, emphasizing the mission statement, officer profiles with photos, committee chairs, and regional representatives.

Ahead of their annual summit, we facilitated the integration of the “Save the Date” flyer on the Conference Page, providing a temporary placeholder until the full agenda and registration details were finalized. The Awards tab remained unchanged to maintain consistency.

Improvements were identified for the Membership area to enhance user flow and visibility. This included refining the “Find a Supervisor” feature with enhanced search parameters and considering the removal or enhancement of the underutilized “member forum.”

The addition of a dedicated Trainings page addressed the need for comprehensive training protocols. This section catered to members seeking training opportunities and regional representatives tasked with hosting sessions. It provided a step-by-step guide on conducting training sessions and submitting necessary paperwork for CEU-related licensing requirements.

Plans were implemented to introduce a scrolling banner or advertisement display feature. This initiative aimed to monetize the website by selling ad space to external companies, promoting events, job postings, and more.

Overall, our continued collaboration with TLPCA underscores our commitment to enhancing their digital presence, improving user engagement, and supporting their mission to serve counseling professionals effectively. Through strategic enhancements and ongoing support, we continue to empower TLPCA in their endeavors to foster community, education, and advocacy in the counseling profession.

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