Digital Signatures

A digital signature field allows users to electronically sign a form using their mouse, stylus, or touchscreen. This feature is particularly useful for applications where a signature is required, such as consent forms or waivers.

When you add a digital signature field to your form, users can sign the form directly on your website by drawing their signature using their input device. This captures the signature as an image or vector graphic and includes it as part of the form submission data.

Digital signatures offer several benefits:

  • Convenience: Digital signatures eliminate the need for printing, signing, and scanning paper documents, making the form submission process more convenient for users and reducing administrative overhead.
  • Security: Gravity Forms provides options for securing digital signature fields, such as requiring users to sign before submitting the form or limiting access to the form to authorized users only, helping to ensure the integrity and authenticity of signatures. This is not required to use the digital signature, but an option for consideration.
  • Audit Trail: Gravity Forms captures metadata associated with digital signatures, such as the date and time of the signature, the IP address of the signer, and any additional information provided by the user, creating an audit trail for verification purposes.
  • Legally Binding: While laws regarding electronic signatures vary by jurisdiction, digital signatures captured through Gravity Forms can be legally binding in many cases, especially when combined with proper authentication and consent processes.

Digital signatures offer a convenient and secure way to collect signatures electronically, streamlining the form submission process while maintaining legal compliance and authenticity.

If you’re considering integrating digital signatures into your website, make sure to discuss your specific requirements and security concerns with us. We can provide guidance on how to implement digital signatures effectively while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and best practices for security and privacy.

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