In today’s world, using clear, bright, compelling photos on your website and in social media streams is essential. Creating content is a mandatory daily task. It also doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg or take all of your time. Believe it or not, great photography is something you can with your smartphone.

Follow these tips to take top-notch photos for your online digital presence.


Take Two Steps Closer

Avoid using the zoom feature on your phone. Zooming in degrades the quality of the digital image by reducing the number of pixels, making it look blurry and out of focus. Instead, take two steps closer to your subject. Work to fill the frame as you would have with the zoom function. 


Focus On Your Subject

Your smartphone will automatically focus on what it thinks is the subject of your picture. Usually something in the foreground. You can set the focus on a specific object by tapping it on the screen. This will bring your intended subject into focus.


Look for Natural Light

Whenever possible, use natural light and avoid using a flash. Work to have the light behind the picture taker, and not behind the subject. With light behind the camera, it will brighten the face of the subject. If the light is behind the subject, their face will be in shadow. Keep in mind that on a bright sunshiny day, the best natural light may be in the shade!


rule-of-thirdsTurn On Gridlines

The rule of thirds is a great way to create captivating images. Turn the gridlines setting on to show two vertical and two horizontal lines and the 1/3 and ⅔ points of your screen. Practice setting the subject of your photo at the point where the horizontal and vertical lines cross. When taking a landscape photograph, set the horizon on one of the horizontal lines. 



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