Why Photography Should Be Part of Your Church Outreach Plan

A picture of a hands holding a digital camera. As social media marketing becomes increasingly prominent in our world, so do the visuals that are attached to our posts, albums, Instagram Stories, and so forth. Photography has become integral to effective online marketing, and it’s only going to increase as technology works to quicken our ability to communicate with one another.

For example, if someone reads or hears about a piece of information, they are only 10% likely to remember that information 3-days later. However, if the information is accompanied by an image, they are 65% more likely to remember that information 3-days later. Many individuals are visual learners, which is why investing in your church photography is so important.

This of course extends into the realm of videography, with statistics showing that mobile video usage has increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last 2-years. For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to look at photography for churches, and why you should make this art form a centerpiece of your marketing outreach plan today:

Why Should I Use Media?

1. Social Media Posts with Photos Are Shared More: It’s no secret that social media posts accompanied by photos experience more engagement and popularity than those without. Statistics show if you throw a few photos up with your announcement, profile change, or update, people are more likely to comment on the post, like the post, and share the post with their followers.

This creates an effect that gets your church in front of more viewers through social media, which means more people considering walking through your doors and checking out your congregation.

2. We Are Visual by Nature: Humans are visual creatures. That’s why God gave us two eyes that are able to detect the subtlest of colors. We are visual by nature, which is why providing humans with visuals will make them more likely to pay attention. Visuals are essential on everything from your social media profiles, to ads, to website platforms. With these visuals, people are actually able to envision themselves at the church, and really get to know your congregation from their home.

With this information, they can then decide if they want to leave their home this Sunday and come check out what your church has to offer.

3. Photos Are Educational: With photos, you can show your congregation what you and your team look like, what your church looks like, and what kind of experience they can expect at your church. If you don’t invest in this kind of photography, the next church will, which is why it’s so important. Your marketing needs to transparently disclose what your church is all about.

With these photos, you can also provide educational posts, perhaps linked to biblical verses, bible studies, events that occurred, and so forth. People are way more likely to read an educational blurb attached to a photo, than they are to open a 3-page article recently posted to your social media profiles.

Picture of hands turning pages in a Bible with sticky notes marking a number of pages. 4. Photos Build Credibility: If you have nothing to hide from anyone, then, naturally, photography should be fine with you every service, right? Photos are an element of transparency that provide other people with a sense of trust when they consider your church. They see you are ready to lay it all on the line and open up your home and worship center to people near and far to the church.

This kind of invisible trust and credibility will go a long way, especially for a church. If people feel like they can trust you and your team, then they surely feel like they can come for one Sunday and perhaps consider what Christianity is all about. Nothing is worse than an “untrustworthy” church.

Worship Times

Here at Worship Times, we understand that you probably don’t have time to capture crisp, high quality imagery every single week. Between a mix of our photos and working with you to create a visual marketing plan for your church, we’re able to integrate photography right into your outreach plan. In some cases, you can only reach certain social media and Internet users with visuals today – many people don’t have time to read long posts and articles.

If you’re considering church videography or photography this year, be sure to contact our team. We can create a plan tailored specifically for you and your ministry. Let’s get started today!

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