Is Your Ministry’s Website Safe and Secure?

Our Worship Times developers and builders do A TON to make sure that our partners’ sites are safe and protected. That said, there are still some critical todos church website administrators need to remember to keep their sites secure. Worship Times founder and president Michael Gyura covers these security essentials during this Webmaster class.

Increase email delivery rates
Make sure the default administration email address on your website matches your domain. If you don’t currently have email addresses setup that are linked to your domain we encourage you to sign up for the Google for Nonprofits program.

Be careful about the content you publish
Even if you lock off a page by setting a password or requiring a user account this does not protect uploaded media such as .PDF files from being crawled by search engines or other types of malicious bots that can crawl those documents for data. You never want to upload any documents with private data such as church directories. Even password protected .PDF files can be individually downloaded and cracked. Please reach out if you would like advice on secure file sharing solutions. Never upload anything to your media library that you wouldn’t want published on the front page of the New York Times.

Review User Accounts
On a somewhat regular basis you want to review these accounts for volunteers or staff that should no longer be granted access.

Making sure your passwords are secure and unique is critical. We strongly encourage you to use a password manager such as 1Password.

You can watch all of our Webmaster Classes in our Class Archive.

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