Are You Putting Your Best Face Forward? Staff Directories 101

Being able to find and interact with your church or ministry’s staff is very important for your website users. When visitors are looking for a new church home, they want to know who you are. We still find that many churches either bury their staff directory or they don’t have one at all. Important information that should be available in staff directories are names, correct title, picture and a brief bio. People want to know who to look for when they get to your church! This includes your church’s support staff, administrators and custodial staff who often are not members of the church, but are the face of the church during the week when people might stop by.

The Worship Times Staff Management system helps simplify this essential tool. This video provides a general overview of the staff plug-in and highlights some under-the-hood changes we’ve made. This includes a brand new built-in Email Log and a better experience for mobile users.


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