1st Commandment for Church Websites

2014 Worship Leaders Magazine Graphic Logo for their editors pick.The team at Worship Times is dedicated to empowering congregations developing their church websites and digital presence. On November 1 Worship Times was named one of Worship Leader Magazine’s Editor’s Pick for web development (read more here). So for the next couple of weeks we will be presenting what we consider to be the 10 Commandments for Church Websites. If you have further questions or want to learn more about Worship Times, please feel free to email us.

1st Commandment for Church Websites:

Thou shalt put needed info right up front

You have 3-4 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. The number one things visitors are looking for is your physical address and worship service times. Put those somewhere at the top of your homepage. The easier it is to find this basic information, the more likely visitors will take the time to find out more info beyond the basic.


When I’m traveling or in a new location looking for a church, the first thing I do is google churches in the local zip code. If I can’t find the times for worship services on a church’s website, the likelihood of me visiting goes way down. I have only once in my life driven by a church, seen the worship service time on their sign, and gone into service; but I have visited dozens of church services because I first visited their website.” -Emily Morgan, Worship Times’ Social Media Coordinator

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