Is it Time to Upgrade Your Website?

upgrade-your-websiteWhen was the last time your ministry refreshed your website? Either did a full rebranding with a new logo or just updated links and images? If you aren’t sure the last time this was done, it might be time to upgrade your website.

As a website design company, we know you raise your eyebrows when you read the title of this blog. ‘Is it time to upgrade your website?’ You’re probably thinking that we’re trying to get into your pocketbooks, which is simply not the case. Regardless of which company you choose to work with, what we are about to say applies to everyone. 

Your website is as necessary to your ministry as your Sunday Service or electric bill.

When the power bill arrives, do you say, I don’t think we need to pay that this month? Do you ever say, “Think we’ll take this Sunday off.”? When your pipes have issues, do you put off the upkeep, or let them burst? No. You take care of these essential tasks and expenses. They are not optional.

The same type of thinking needs to apply to your website maintenance and updates. It needs to be a constant line-item in your books. It is essential to your ministry. Here’s why:


The Three Stages of Website Failure.


Stage 1: “Oh, Hurry Up.”

upgrade-your-websiteIt’s been 3 – 4 years since your website was brand new. 

The thought, “Oh, hurry up.” goes through your head more than once a day.

You are starting to experience the website wait. It’s not forever, but tasks that used to happen lightning quick, are now taking a few moments to load or save. All of those seconds may not seem like much on their own, but smooshed all together, take up more and more time every week.

Before things get worse, you might want to upgrade your website.


Stage 2: “This would be so much easier if…”

It’s been 5 – 7 years since your website was brand new.

The website wait is commonplace. (You go grab a coffee refresh after you hit publish because it will take that long to save.)

There is new technology out there with which your website can’t communicate. Whether it is a new social media platform, a live-stream feature, or drag and drop functionality, your website just can’t hack it. Every time you go to update your site, you hold your breath because something will inevitably break. 

Plus, your age is showing. Your flashy new website now looks, well,  old. New design modes and user experience trends date your website. It’s time to upgrade your website.


Stage 3: “ZZZ-Zzzz-hngGGggh-Ppbhww- zZZzzzZZ” (snoring noise)

It’s been 8 – 10 years + since your website was new. It is officially a dinosaur.

You are honestly lucky that your website even functions. Longing for the days when you only had to wait a few moments for your website to save or load, you put your head down and nap. Your users feel the same way. The front end of your website takes just as long to load and very few people visit.

This dinosaur does not play well with others. You are not able to integrate with any new technology. Just like an older computer (older here means 4+ years),  your website is out of date and may as well be in the stone age. You cannot do anything you want to with your site. It is hard to navigate and every time you try to use it, it is a trip down the rabbit hole. You honestly don’t even know what all is out there.

This website does not meet the needs of your ministry, nor does it reflect the vitality and life of your community.

However, if you are lucky, you are on the Worship Times network. While we can’t work miracles, we do maintain our network sites as long as we can. For sites that are ten years old, this means that you will have much greater functionality than with other hosts.

It goes without saying, but it’s past time to upgrade your website.


What Can You Do for Your Website?

It is never too late to start again: upgrade your website.

First things first, add your website as an annual line-item in your budget. Regard it as necessary and not a superfluous, one-time cost. 

After that essential shift, Worship Times offers free website reviews. We take a look at what you’ve got and ask you some questions about where you want to go. Remember what it felt like to get that shiny new website so many years ago. We want you to experience that again. 

These website reviews are free and come with no strings attached. So, why not start today?



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