What to Expect When Building a New Website

Picture of a sketch book with drawings of boxes in a grid to depict website concepts. Working with a company to build a new website can be an intimidating process for those who have never paid to have a website built before. Today we want to work to ease the fear of the unknown when it comes to building a new website! Let us give you an idea of what to expect when working with a website design and development company.

Now, there is no single road or path that is taken for building a website because every client’s needs are different. However, no matter who you are working with or what you need your website to do there are a set of common elements that you will experience.

What Can I Expect?

Again, your experience with any website design and development company should be unique to you. The design, features, and goals of your website are just that: yours! With that being said, there are checkpoints – if you will – that accompany every single project.

Many of the components listed below can overlap with each other – and they should – and this is a condensed version of a general framework of what it looks like to design, build, and release your brand new website!

Planning, Planning, and More Planning

Every project will start with lots of planning. Designing, building, testing, and releasing a website does not happen overnight. Having a robust plan (with soft deadlines) helps to keep everyone on the same page and the project moving forward.

This part of the project can vary widely. Some websites require an entire design phase to scope out what the new website will look like. Other projects need programmers to build custom functionality. And some projects just need to be built.

Don’t skimp on working with your website design and development company to create a plan that works for you. Be honest with your project coordinator! If you want your project to move at a slower pace, or if you want it to pick up, ask!

It will be imperative that you and your team work with your design and development company to meet these deadlines. Often times you will be working to get content, photos, and other changes to your point of contact so he/she can get it sent to their team to make the changes.

Picture showing a person's arms at a desk with a desktop computer, smartphone, papers, and utensils. Requests for New Content

This piece of the project often varies widely and can overlap all phases of the project. Some websites need updated content and brand new photos. Other websites simply need pictures and content transferred to a new site.

This is a very important topic to cover during the planning portion at the start of the project as it often takes the longest. You and your team should have a plan on how you are going to get your website builders new or updated content (text, photos, email addresses, etc.) for your website in a timely fashion.

Projects that involve new content being written are often delayed simply because the builder’s are waiting to receive the needed content from the client. Making sure that you and your team are efficient and effective in getting your website’s content to the build team will do wonders in keeping your project moving forward.


This is arguably the most important and most valuable part of working with a design and development company.

One of the reasons that you hire an outside company to build a website is for their expertise and experience. Throughout the project your design and development company should be guiding your about what to expect, answer your questions, and tell you what would be best for you.

Don’t forget to ask questions! If you think something might look better if it looked slightly different, ask to see it the way you want! Your website builders will help guide you to something that is what you want while looking and working great!


Lastly, you will be needing to make lots of approvals on designs, progress check-ins, and final approvals before your brand new website goes live! Usually, you will be working alongside a project coordinator with your design and development company.

Use this time to get your desired changes made! Every project should have a final approval process where you can review the work of your designers and builders to have last-minute changes made. Take advantage of it! Share your website with your staff and get everyone’s thoughts!

Your website builders should never make major changes to the design or functionality of your website without your approval.

Picture of persons hands resting on a laptop keyboard while on a desk. Worship Times

Here at Worship Times we feel that every ministry should have a website that they love, that is easy to update, and helps their ministry grow.

Our team will walk you through building the website of your dreams! We can design, develop, and build your website, and train your team on how to use it! Technology is becoming an ever growing part of our society, and you ministry should be taking advantage of it!

If you are looking for a new website for your ministry, we are only a click away! Drop us a line today!

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