7 Summer-Themed Social Media Campaigns to Use for Your Church

Picture of sunglasses on top of a small mound of sand with the ocean in the background. Summer is in full swing right now, with plenty of people skipping services every Wednesday and Sunday to hit the beach, spend time with their family, and unplug from the hectic daily schedule so many Americans endure year-round. It’s a time for joyousness, relaxation, and weather-appreciation that we don’t always get throughout the year.

It’s also a great time to capitalize from this feeling of excitement and happiness in your church social media campaigns. When people log into social media accounts during the months of July, August, etc. they want to see fun and engaging content that is related to their summer bliss. They don’t want to read mundane articles or “get back to school” pieces quite yet.

7 Summer Themed Social Media Campaign Ideas

It’s a great opportunity for your church to get out in front of these users. Here are 7 summer-themed social media campaigns to use for your church this summer:

1. Facebook Live for Summer Updates:
People don’t want to sift through long articles sitting by the pool. They do, however, like to watch videos and other things that require little effort, while they lounge under the warm summer sun. Your church should be using Facebook Live as a way to share the latest summer updates, events, and information your church congregation needs to know. You can host live reports from mission trips, provide updates from your church, and stream worship services to people on vacation so they are still in-tune with your congregation.

Picture of a rock with a rainbow reflection and strings made into an Instagram symbol placed on top of the reflection.2. Instagram Story Summer Filters:
Instagram Stories is an easy way to upload content that is going to disappear after 24-hours (unless you add it to a highlight). You can use special summer filters on your stories to play into the summer mentality each time you post, while also sharing other Instagram Stories your church members have tagged. It’s a laid-back approach to social media that definitely resonates with a younger crowd, which is something you can hone in on during this summer season.

3. Summer Graphics:
Like we mentioned above, people don’t want to be exercising their brains and straining their eyes out on a hike or at a picnic. They want things to be easy right now, which is why making summer sharable graphics is a great idea for your church. Play into this mentality with quotes that are fun, yet also religious in nature. Maybe something funny like, “Who else has a glass of lemonade and a Bible by their pool?” Include a fun picture of a person by the pool, with sunglasses, and everything else you associate with summer.

Place your church logo in the corner of the graphic and encourage people to share it on social media by including a caption, “Share if you agree!” It’s an easy way to get the word out about your church without directly marketing to users.

4. Special Social Series:
Summer is a great time to create a campaign that is something like “Favorite Summer Reads” or “Favorite Summer Bible Verses.” On one day each week, post about the campaign and encourage everyone to write in and share their favorite book, verse, and so forth. When the day is almost over, you can repost your favorite answer and make it somewhat of a competition that people will love to take part in every single week.

5. Summer Lunch Outings:
A little spontaneity never hurt nobody. Introduce a “surprise” picnic style outing that you announce on your social media once per summer month. Give everyone a day warning and treat people to some free food and snacks in a new location every time. Use a specific hashtag like #SurpriseChurchPicnic that you possibly only share on your Twitter or Instagram Stories. It’s this kind of whimsical fun that we especially associate with the season of summer.

6. Scavenger Hunts:
This is a great way to combine in-person networking with your social media accounts. Announce a scavenger hunt and post the clues to your Twitter for the participants. Make an entire puzzle out of your church location, but still require those playing the game to be plugged into your social media and email. It’s an easy way to collect contact information while also providing something completely fun for everyone to play – including the adults!

7. Summer Holidays:
Beyond the obvious 4th of July, Labor Day Weekend, etc. you can also have fun with some of those hilarious summer holidays, like National Strawberry Sundae Day (July 7th), National Hammock Day (July 22nd), National S’mores Day (August 10th), and National Just Because Day (August 27th). The content potential is enormous, with plenty of hilarious videos, photos, and graphics you can share in accordance with these days. They are feel-good days that will get everyone in the relaxed summer spirit.

Picture of hands at an apple keyboard with a monitor in front of the person. Worship Times

Here at Worship Times, we love to keep our churches relevant, which is why we are the first ones to utilize the current season, holiday, trends, etc. in your outreach and social media efforts. We know how to get people connected to your congregation, which is the ultimate goal for a growing church at the end of the day.

If you need some help running these summer-themed church campaigns, give our team a call today! We can help create a custom social media plan for your ministry!

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