Is There Anybody out There?

Worship Times Blog Post - Is there anybody out there?Ever wonder who all is stopping by your ministry’s website to hear the Sunday sermon? Turns out the folks at the Pew Research Center are. The broad shift to offering regularly streamed services brought on by the pandemic has afforded their researchers with a trove of content to analyze. Check out this recent New Yorker article by Casey Cep — What American Christians Hear at Church — for some of the takeaways.

What caught my eye the most was the reminder that three quarters of those surveyed by Gallup reported that the sermon was the most important part of the service for them. That’s 75%, which means your ministry can deliver a meaningful connection to a significant number of your members and visitors by streaming your sermons on your website. Online sermons also greatly expand the potential reach of your message. I spoke recently with a church in St. Louis that reports regular attendance from people from London to Seattle.

A regular rhythm of online services leads traffic to your site like no other content. We encourage you to take advantage of these visits by promoting other essential elements of your ministry: mission and fellowship opportunities, other worship services, and online giving just to name a few.

Have questions about how to make any of this happen? Reach out and let us know.


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