Music & Live-streaming: License, Permissions, & Reporting

Chances are you have been live-streaming your worship services for the better part of a year. And, realistically, live-streaming is probably here to stay, even when we are all back to hugging, laughing, singing, shaking hands, and generally congregating in large groups again. So, now is the time to get your questions about music licensing and live-streaming answered by the experts. We are so excited to bring you this webmaster class, along without friends from One License, so you can get yourself set straight on how to use your music appropriately online.

During this short presentation, there are two graphics that are referenced. These graphics are helpful tools when deciding if you need a license, and what type of license you will need.

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One License has a wide assortment of resources on their blog that may be useful to you in live-streaming. Here are two you might find particularly helpful.

Watch the full presentation by One License, which covers much beyond just the best practices around live-streaming and music copyright.

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