Worship Times is a company founded by web designers, developers, seminarians, and pastors who are devoted to creating a community dedicated to helping churches access high quality websites for their ministries.

We realized that some large congregations have been able to afford the large cost for web design and hosting but the majority of churches haven’t had the same luxury. Rather than force local congregations to continually reinvent the internet wheel, Worship Times is designed to leverage the strengths of a whole community and to provide cutting edge technologies that will serve your ministry.

Worship Times began in the Spring of 2011 as a joint venture between the web design professionals at Poka Yoke Design, Princeton Theological Seminary Students, and congregational Pastors. What has formed is a company that is dedicated to support the church’s ongoing ministry through cost-effective, high quality web design services tailored specifically for the needs of local congregations.
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Graphic of video player with the text "Dot what? Info about domains."

Dot What? Info about Domains

Ever wonder why it is so important that your ministry manages its own domain? Is there a difference between a website and a domain? Dot org or dot com or…
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Graphic of video player with the text "How NOT to break your website."

How *Not* to Break Your Website

That sure is a pretty website you got there. Hate to see something bad happen to it. In this Worship Times Webmaster Class our founder Michael Gyura reviews some critical…
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Graphic of video player with the text "Blogs: do you need one?"

Blogs: Do you need one?

Blogs can be incredibly useful tools not only for your ministry, but also for your ministry’s digital footprint. That is, if you know how to leverage them. In this Webmaster…
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Graphic of video player with the text "Long Term Live-Streaming Options."

Long-Term Live-Streaming Options

Live-streaming has become the new normal for your ministry. We are at the point that we now know the pitfalls of free live-streaming services. There is glitchy service, constantly changing…
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Graphic of video player with the text "SEO: Readability."

SEO: Readability

Those elusive letters are back. SEO; Search Engine Optimization. In this Webmaster Class, we are going to dig into Readability. There are some key points that will improve the Readability…
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Graphic of a video player with the text "Prayer Request Website Form Set Up."

Prayer Request Website Form Set Up

We’ve been worshipping online for months. It’s time to step up your prayer game with online prayer request forms. Whether you choose to use forms to enhance your live-streamed service…
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Graphic of a video player and the text "Digital evangelism strategy."

Digital Evangelism Strategy

Now that we’ve been online worshipping for a while and have that well under our belts, what does outreach look like? If everything is online, how do you invite someone…
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