Thou Shalt Focus on Ministry

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EditorsPick_2014_200The team at Worship Times is dedicated to empowering congregations developing their church websites and digital presence. On November 1 Worship Times was named one of Worship Leader Magazine’s Editor’s Pick for web development (read more here). So for the next couple of weeks we will be presenting what we consider to be the 10 Commandments for Church Websites. If you have further questions or want to learn more about Worship Times, please feel free to email us.

9th Commandment for Church Websites

Thou shalt focus on ministry

Websites are important, but don’t get caught up in thinking about your website 24/7 or expect one person on your staff to think about them 24/7. (Even full time church webmasters have other things to think about occasionally.) Focus on ministry and people and relationships.

A church’s website should help everything your congregation is doing, not be the focus of unending committee meetings or arguments. Set up a team for your website and other digital communications and trust them.

8. Thou shalt keep they calendar up to date

7. Thou shalt be thoughtful about using social media

6. Thy website is never done

5. Thy website shalt be mobile friendly

4. Thou shalt keep it short

3. Thou shalt use pictures that show thy community in action

2. Thou shalt be on thy website who God is calling thou to be in the world

1. Thou shalt put needed info right up front



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